Agile mythology?

Last November I presented at the Deutsche Scrum the first version of my new presentation “Debunking Agile Myths”. The core message of the presentation was to show that many of the things we believe in the world of agile are based on… ehm… nothing, actually!

agile mythology

Surprised? So was I when I started checking the scientific validity of what we do. Already non-agile coaching is often a quite fragile discipline, where quite a lot of the validation of the methods is, in fact, just anecdotal. Yet apparently also in agile we are using several dubious sources and build on those, with sometimes very unfortunate results.

I leave you to the presentation for the details of some of our myths. Suffice to say I have enough material for probably five presentations of this kind and it is growing daily. The message here is: let’s please scrap all those books that are usually filed in the “self help” and “management” sections of the various bookstores (and at least 60% of the ones filed under “psychology”!) and let’s go and look at the actual scientific research: there will be surprises, but we’ll become much more professional in what we do!

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