Critical Transition: I Want to be a Host

90-minute Session Hosted by Leah Davcheva and Olga Lavrenova

Personal narratives can be a good source of awareness and learning about the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of performing as a host leader. Here, you will have the rare chance of looking into several recorded episodes of the story of Olga Lavrenova, CEO of the Bulgarian branch of a large business organisation. She tells Leah, intercultural and host leadership coach, about her fist steps along her journey as the new leader of her organisation.

You might want to sift Olga’s story through the filter of the two steps, four positions and six roles of host leading and thus gain useful insights into the experiences, and relationships of this top business executive, learning to perform as a host leader. With an eye which sees the possible, you focus on the evidence of the various resources Olga draws upon to make progress towards her host leader dream.

Olga herself and Leah will also be there, co-participating. Our best hope is that following the workshop, you will be better able to make your practitioner choices conscious and firmly grounded.

Participants gain some useful insights into the resources, experiences, and relationships of a top business executive learning to perform and achieve as a host leader. With an eye which sees the possible, they would be better able to make their practitioner choices consciously.

More about Leah Davcheva and Olga Lavrenova

Dr. Leah Davcheva is the founder and director of AHA Moments – Centre for Interculturality, Solutions Focus, and Host Leadership. She is is an intercultural trainer, coach, researcher, and (co-) author of books, articles and learning materials. Over the years, she has worked with teams and organisations to involve them in the practices of host leading.

Leah has contributed to and was instrumental in building up the foundations of intercultural education and intercultural communication training in Bulgaria. She has led a huge range of intercultural projects, both at home and internationally, and has published extensively on the topic. She is a member of SIETAR (Society for Intercultural education, Training and Research) and IALIC (International Association for Languages and Intercultural Communication) and has presented at a range of their conferences and events.

AHA Moments:

Olga Lavrenova is experience leader in HEINEKEN, one of the largest international FMCG companies. Over the years, she has worked in various Sales positions in Russia and Bulgaria and recently appointed as Managing Director of ZAGORKA AD, part of HEINEKEN Company.