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Advanced Product Owner Connexxo Training

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As a key role between the business and the delivery organisation, the Product Owner is the person responsible to “get the things done”.

The role itself is very broad and it requires several different skills, sometimes even in opposition against each other: market expert and product expert, competence in the software development processes and understanding of how the client “ticks”, being able to see “the forest” of the product and capable of focusing on the “trees” of the details of the individual stories, servant leader with the team and negotiator with the client.

With all these requirements to the role, it is no wonder the typical product owner struggles in parts of it…

In this three-day advanced training we will look at various parts of the Product Owner role, discussing the most advanced techniques available:

  • Product Backlog techniques
  • Story definition
  • Story splitting
  • Project and portfolio prioritisation
  • Techniques for working with the team
  • Techniques for interacting with stakeholders – Requirements definition tools
  • Product development flow

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Course Organisation

The training is a mix of frontal lesson and practical activities directed to the integration of the learned content in the daily operations of the participants.

Target Group

It is especially suited for Product Owners and Product Managers of organisations that have implemented or are implementing agile solutions in their company.


  • Scrum and the Product Owner role
  • The Product Owner as responsible for the Return of Investment
  • Prioritisation techniques
  • Product development flow: managing queues and work in progress
  • Looking at the whole value chain: Value Stream Mapping
  • From Idea to Backlog: techniques for product inception
  • Techniques for portfolio management
  • Fundamental Lean Startup Techniques
  • Requirements Engineering: requirements definition, techniques and pitfalls
  • Writing precise requirements and sound acceptance criteria
  • Scaling techniques: Large Scale Scrum
  • The Product Owner as organisational leader: interacting with teams and stakeholders

The course requires a basic understanding of the Scrum process: the participants should have had some exposure to the concepts of Sprint, ScrumMaster and Team, Stories, Iterative and Incremental development. A short practical experience in a Scrum project is a definite plus.

The course can be delivered also as an in-house training and in English, German or Italian language.

The training material is in English.

Scheduled Courses

The course is available only in-house for now.

If you are interested in having this course as a in-house or to get the upcoming dates for public courses please tell us about it using the form below and we’ll come back to you with updated information.

Participants say...

Very interesting, very effective!

I won a much deeper understanding of the interactions among Team, Customer and Product Owner. Especially the tools to develop requirements from vague ideas will help in future product development.