HL Gathering 2022 / Proposals

Your Online Session Proposal
for the Gathering
May 26-27, 2022

Please submit by February 18th 2022.

For our Host Leadership Gathering 2022, Building a Host Leadership Practitioner Circle, we invite you to submit your proposal for a workshop, session, talk, practitioner report,… At the moment, considering the current instable situation, we are planning for a two-day online event. Should the situation considerably improve, the gathering will be transformed to a hybrid version, allowing as much as possible also for in-presence options.

Please note: this is a collaborative community event, which means that even as a presenting participant you still need to pay the regular price for your conference ticket.

We are looking forward to your ideas for input.
You will be given feedback by February 10th.

    Type of Session

    Length of Session

    Setup / Technical Requirements

    For the online conference, Zoom will be used as conferencing tool.
    All the needed infrastructure will be provided.

    I will need technical assistance / a co-hoster during my session

    Please note: For the online videoconferencing and collaboration tools provided by the conference organisers, privacy matters will be taken care of. Should you prefer to use any other tools provided by yourself, you are responsible for the respective GDPR compliance.