Job Searching Host Leaders

90-minute Session Hosted by Pierluigi Pugliese

Job searching ads focus on hard skills.

They might mention soft skills,…

… but mainly because every job search is expected to.

Let’s help the world:

in this 90-minute workshop, we’ll take some actual job searches and convert them to search for candidates who are great for the job and great host leaders!

More about Pierluigi Pugliese

Pierluigi Pugliese is active as Agile Coach, Systemic Consultant and Trainer. He has a long experience in various roles in software development organisations and complex international projects.

As an expert for agile and Scrum he is working flexibly in various functions: consultant, coach, trainer, facilitator, …   depending on whether the client wants to implement agile methods in just one team or spread the agile values and principles to the whole organisation. He strives for sustained improvement in teams and organisations, making use of the best methods as suggested by his wide experience. His expertise is cross-sector and independent from hierarchical structures, spanning from consulting and coaching in top management level to single teams and individual developers.

Pierluigi is regularly speaking at international conferences on agile and Scrum, especially focusing on people aspects and team interactions.