CAL – Certified Agile Leadership

What does it mean to be a leader in a highly collaborative world, where results depend on the synergy of talented people working toward a common goal? What are the options available to create high quality organisations and to motivate people? What are the characteristics of an agile organisation and how can it be shaped?

In the Certified Agile Leadership courses we are going to answer these and many more questions around the agile organisation and how to be a leader in this environment.

The courses are aimed at management figures who are in the process of an agile transformation and want to understand how their role is going to change and how critical their way of working is for a sustainable and effective agility.

The curriculum is divided into three one-day courses:

Certified Agile Leadership – Essentials

In the first, Certified Agile Leadership – Essentials (CAL-E) we learn about the fundamentals of modern, effective leadership. We explore modern, collaborative leadership that fosters the skills of individuals and directs them toward a common purpose, “an alignment of forces” in the words of Peter Drucker. CAL-E is a pre-requisite for the following two possible steps, one dedicated to teams and one to the organisation.

Course Agenda:

  • the need for a new approach to leadership
  • the VUCA world: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous
  • the evolution of management thinking
  • the importance of a structured approach to Agile Leadership and its advantages
  • interacting with different types of cultures
  • Leadership and Awareness
  • Leadership as a personal growth project
  • Host Leadership and Leadership as an ability to create alignment of forces

Certified Agile Leadership – Teams

The second, Certified Agile Leadership – Teams (CAL-T) focuses on working with Development Teams: how to create them, inspire them, and make them work effectively in a complex world where adaptability is key to generating value. We will also look at how to create a team culture and how the agile leader can be an effective coach.

Course Agenda:

  • teams in the VUCA World: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous
  • the importance of cross-functional teams and how to create them in complex organisations
  • the culture of empiricism
  • being a leader of high performing teams
  • empowering teams
  • people development
  • multi-team collaboration
  • introduction to team coaching

Certified Agile Leadership – Organisations

The third one, Certified Agile Leadership – Organisations (CAL-O) instead provides the basics to create an entire agile organisation: from how to start with the organisation design and implement it to how to take into account cultural aspects and how to evaluate the effectiveness of the results.

Course Agenda:

  • the importance of leadership in creating an agile culture
  • cross-cultural aspects of the agile organisation
  • organisation design
  • creating flow
  • strategies for organisational transformation

At the moment, the three courses are offered on three consecutive days in order to give participants the overall view on the topic. The active participation in the respective modules allows you to obtain the related Scrum Alliance certification.

During registration, you can also choose a combination of only two courses: CAL-E+CAL-T or CAL-E+CAL-O.

CST Trainer: Pierluigi Pugliese

The course can be delivered in English, German or Italian.
The training material is in English.

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06/05/2024 - 08/05/2024
Certified Agile Leadership - interactive-online course (in Italian) Certified Agile Leadership - interactive-online course (in Italian)
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