Agile Organisations

Assessing Agility

We believe that agility is much more than just tools for software development: agility is a modern way of working in an organisation and at its boundaries: the days of big hierarchies and bureaucracy are long gone, as those organisations are not capable anymore of dealing with the challenges of today’s fast-paced markets. The modern dynamic organisation is one where people interact in a focused and efficient way in order to achieve business results and we understand well that agile methods are an incredibly powerful way to achieve what we call “the Agile Organisation”. Our commitment is to help our clients reaching these goals by providing targeted consulting services. In doing that, sometimes we are more trainers, providing a comprehensive set of courses, sometimes more coaches, supporting the growth of feedback cycles in an organisation, sometimes we make available our experience in the field by mentoring our clients. And sometimes we help facilitating difficult discussions – which can be of great value to a team or organisation! We are proud of this flexible way of doing consulting – as we see how effective it is in supporting our clients on the journey to a modern organisation – the Agile Organisation! To understand in detail how we can help you, you can read about our services: Training, Coaching, Mentoring, Facilitation.