Pierluigi @ Global Scrum Gathering Amsterdam 09-11.10.2023


G103 / Session with Pierluigi Pugliese

Are you looking for techniques to support scaling Agile for large complex products and services?

In a world full of different recipes for scaling agility, all interesting but not universal, we believe that a principle-based approach, where the richness of the balance and contention between different needs come together, is an essential part of choosing an effective path to follow for scaling.

For example: how should product ownership be organised? How should we structure a complex value stream? What is a cross-functional team in the context of large-scale product development?

In this workshop, we will introduce some of the scaling principles we’ve identified; then, we’ll use them to focus on how “products” are defined and “product development organisations” are structured, topics that, in our experience, are often approached superficially.

Whether utilising a standard scaling framework or a homegrown approach, this session will arm you with a fresh approach to inspect and adapt your organisational design.

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Global Scrum Gathering Amsterdam

Find Learning, Connection, & Inspiration

Hop on a bike, make your way along the canals, and join us in Amsterdam for the Global Scrum Gathering on 9-11 October. We’ll gather in one of Europe’s most vibrant and historic cities to learn, network, and celebrate with our incredible community of agile changemakers. No matter how you get there, the gathering is sure to be an unforgettable part of your agile journey. As diverse as our agile journeys may be, it’s likely that they all share one similar milestone — a moment when you made the decision to break from the status quo and explore a different, better way of working. The possibilities are endless once you decide to start working in an agile way. Global Scrum Gatherings are here to provide you with the support, resources, and connections you need to keep moving forward on your journey.

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