Session with Pierluigi @OOP 2024 | Munich

Date(s) - 31.01.2024
17:00 - 18:00

ICM - Internationales Congress Center München

Agile Leadership in Action

1 hour workshop with Pierluigi Pugliese, Simon John Roberts and Colin Bird as part of the
OOP 2024 | Munich
Die Konferenz für Software-Architektur

Agility and Leadership development: two parallel worlds that address one part of the problem each, but neither provides a holistic approach. As part of our work on ScaleAgility, a framework-free set of principles for agile at scale, the authors have also developed a way to integrate the two disciplines: what does leadership do in practice? How can they combine the ideas proposed by leadership model X [add your preferred model here] and the need for an organisation to evolve healthy agile and collaborative structures?

In this interactive presentation, we will propose our concept for agile leadership at scale, indicating a concrete implementation path agnostic to a specific leadership development model or scaling framework. Yet, it gives pragmatic structural elements that will allow you to effectively implement a sound agile leadership concept or use it to “plug in” your preferred models.

Target Audience: Leaders, Scrum Masters, Coaches
Prerequisites: Generic understanding of agility and leadership. Ideally experience in a leadership position
Level: Avanced

OPP 2024 | Munich
The Conference for Software Architecture
29.01. – 02.02. 24 | ICM – Internationales Congress Center München
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