Talk with Angela Sanger @ Agile Business Day 2018

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Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia

Even if you don’t know it… your company is in the software business.

by Angela Sanger

(presentazione in lingua Italiana)

How do companies with long traditions and well-known products evolve into modern organizations? How do they become digital, data-driven and agile? Technology, software and data become a core business.

There is a huge global movement of companies trying to keep up with a turbulent, customer-driven marketplace. Companies with long traditions and well-known products are undertaking initiatives to go digital, create a start-up environment, to become data-driven, to spread agility to all parts of the organization…to transform. Many of these companies consider software, technology and data not their core business but instead a side-thing. So, they farm out not just the work but also the skills, the learning and the growth that needs to happen under their own roof. In this talk, I’ll share what we see management learning (or what they should be learning) in order to keep up with their fast changing business and evolve into a modern organization.

Angela Sanger is an Agile Coach and Consultant and part of the Connexxo Team since 2016.

Agile Business Day – The Italian Agile conference for those managers who want to explore the business benefits and the challenges of adopting Agile methods in for-profit and non-profit companies, and in public administrations.

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