Coaching Organisations as Systems, i.e. Agile as a Systemic Change at the Scandinavian Developer Conference

At the Scandinavian Developer Conference I presented today some concepts useful for coaching at the organisational level. The basic idea behind this presentation is that thinking about agile at the team level is a necessary step, but not the only one needed in order to create an agile organisation.

In a parallel presentation I argued that an agile organisation supports not just teams but also the growth of the individuals both at the technical and at the soft skills levels. This time I argue that also the organisation as a whole requires attention: in too many cases coaches think about teams and forget the organisational life around it. In my coaching practice when I start with a new team I immediately start to talk with the management around it in order to understand the organisational structures that exist beyond the official hierarchy (and more often than not above it!).

The slides of the presentation are here:

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As per bibliography, it is difficult to prepare even a short one as there are too many authors contributing to this field from different perspectives and IMO the body of knowledge still needs a good synthesis.