Here are some screenshot123pointers to our material freely available on the internet, mostly to blog posts, to make them easier to find:




What is an Agile Coach?

It is fascinating how this topic is recurring in a lot of conferences, especially in open space ones like the Agile Coach Camps: seems to be a search for an identity still not clearly defined. This blog post explains our view on this.

Solution Focused Approach to Agile Coaching

A presentation well accepted at several conferences. Here is a blog post with link to the slides and a link to a handout made available during the conference.

On a subsequest blog post there was a FAQ to clarify more aspects of the Solution Focused approach.

Soft Skills Essentials for Software Craftsmen

Another very well received presentation that was presented at several conferences. It shows some basic ways to interact among humans that would make our daily [work] life much easier. Here’s the blog post about it, containing also the slides.

The Six Conditions for Change

Change doesn’t happen in any case, but requires some conditions to be met. Here’s what they are and how to use them while coaching.