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Here are some pointers to our material freely available on the internet,
mostly to videos or blog posts, to make them easier to find:

Company Transformations

Video in Italiano: 
Meetup 16.09.2021:
Pierluigi Pugliese, Come distruggere l’azienda scalando l’agilità

Video in English: 
Meetup 08.10.2019:
Craig Larman, More with LeSS: A Decade of Descaling with LeSS


Video in English:
 Meetup 14.12.2020:
Mark McKergow, Host Leadership – Past, Present and Future

Video in English:
 Meetup 30.06.2020:
Géry Derbier – Could it be that simple

Video in English: 
Meetup 13.05.2020:
Pierluigi Pugliese, An Introduction to Host Leadership

Video in English:
Keynote Mark McKergow, Host Leadership Gathering 2019

ELSE: Emergent Large-Scale Evolution

Video in English: Agile Aarhus 14.04.2023
with Pierluigi Pugliese

ELSE (formerly ScaleAgility) – Actionable Principles for Scaling

Video in English: Agile & Kanban Coaching Exchange 21.06.2023
with Colin Bird

Scaling Agility – Principles Over Frameworks

Video in Italiano: Meetup 12.12.2023
with Pierluigi Pugliese
Leadership su Larga Scala

Video in Italiano: Meetup 28.11.2023
with Pierluigi Pugliese
ELSE (formerly ScaleAgility): Principi per scalare i Team

Video in Italiano: Meetup 05.07.2023
with Pierluigi Pugliese

ELSE (formerly ScaleAgility): Usare principi (e il cervello!) per scalare l’agilità

Organisational Change

Video in Italiano:
 Meetup 02.02.2022:
Pierluigi Pugliese, Il Mondo di Shigeo Shingo

Video in Italiano:
 Meetup 20.04.2020:
Pierluigi Pugliese, La Grammatica del Cambiamento

Video in Italiano: 
Meetup 2022.01.19:
Pierluigi Pugliese, Non faccio software – Posso usare Scrum?

Agile Coaching

What is an Agile Coach?
It is fascinating how this topic is recurring in a lot of conferences,
especially in open space ones like the Agile Coach Camps:
seems to be a search for an identity still not clearly defined.
This blog post explains our view on this:

Solution Focused Approach to Agile Coaching
A presentation well accepted at several conferences.
Here is a blog post with link to the slides and a link to a handout
made available during the conference. On a subsequest blog post there was a
FAQ to clarify more aspects of the Solution Focused approach.

Soft Skills Essentials for Software Craftsmen
Another very well received presentation that was presented at several conferences.
It shows some basic ways to interact among humans that would make our daily
[work] life much easier. Here’s the blog post about it, containing also the slides.

The Six Conditions for Change
Change doesn’t happen in any case, but requires some conditions to be met.
Here’s what they are and how to use them while coaching.

Scrum and Agile – Technical Aspects

Video in Italiano: 
Meetup 25.01.2023:
Pierluigi Pugliese, Debito tecnico 
- Parlarne al management, strategie per teams

Video in Italiano: 
Meetup 10.05.2021:
Pierluigi Pugliese, Il Valore dei Valori

Video in English: 
Pierluigi Pugliese, The Scrum Values

Quante Stupidaggini avete sentito su Scrum?

Video in Italiano:
 Meetup 26.05.2021:
Pierluigi Pugliese, Le User Stories non si scrivono

Quante Stupidaggini avete sentito su Scrum? Episodio 3

Video in Italiano:
 Meetup 29.04.2020:
Pierluigi Pugliese, Il Product Owner

Quante Stupidaggini avete sentito su Scrum? Episodio 2

Video in Italiano:
 Meetup 15.04.2020:
Pierluigi Pugliese, Lo Scrum Master

Quante Stupidaggini avete sentito su Scrum? Episodio 1

Agile Technical Practices

Video in English: 
Meetup 12.02.2020:
Dave Nicolette, Kanban for Software Teams

Video in English:
 Meetup 01.07.2019:
Dave Nicolette – Specification by Example