New Tools of the Craft – Workshop at the Turku Agile Day

Today, together with Mike Sutton (Twitter: @mhsutton), I ran a workshop called „New Tools of the Craft“ at the Turku Agile Day. Here are the slides we showed and a selected bibliography…

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Yes And…

This is a concept coming from the Improvisation Theatre. The best known books are:

At it’s core clowning is about being at ease with the flaws and flops of being human, of acceptance of ourselves inspite of our flaws. If we can accept it in ourselves, maybe we can accept it in others. The jokes, makeup and silly games come later.

Solution Focused
Here’s a summary of the relevant books on Solution Focused. You can also refer to some of my previous posts for more info: post 1, 2, 3, 4.

Satir’s Patterns of Communication and Congruence
Virginia Satir is one of the key figure in the modern family therapy. The Patterns of Communication is one of her findings that can fully be applied to teamwork.

Bad Apples in Teams
A recent research on teamwork, currently published as an article.