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Connexxo Agile CoachingAgility is more than just “learning a method”. How many times have you continued with some bad habit, though you knew you should have behaved differently? Teams and organisations do the same: while a training can be very effective in spreading some ideas quickly, organisational change is about integrating those methods in the daily operations.

Even more than that: agility is not about implementing a process, but about implementing a continuously improving one. To be able to do that and go beyond “scrum by the book” the teams and eventually the whole organisation need to learn how to really reflect on their daily practices.

The best way to support the development of this learning organisation is through continuous reflection processes – the coaching process. When we support a company as coaches we guide them through a process of discovery of their own strength and weaknesses, thus we help them to understand better the way they work internally. As a result, the change process is not only very stable, but also self-sustaining even long time after we have finished working with our client.

An agile coaching program typically starts with determining the client’s resources and goals. Based on these we define together a coaching plan that considers the client’s strengths and budgets and addresses the various goals based on an evaluation of the return of investment of the coaching activities.

During the actual execution we might work with teams, individual developers, organisational leaders, …, in the IT but also in the  other departments. Sometimes we involve also the client’s clients and suppliers: agility is about globally optimising the way an organisation works, and often the organisational boundaries need to be addressed too!

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