Agile Mentoring

Icon_Agile MentoringAgile is simple, but it is also hard! While you can learn the basic principles of Scrum in five minutes, really using it well is a totally different beast! Many companies, and maybe yours is one of those, have tried using agile methods with mixed results and they get the feeling that they could work better… you need to bring in actual agile experience!

We can help: we work with agility since even before it got called like that – those methods were labeled “agile” in 2001, after several of them were already available – in practice we have a long expertise in applying agility to concrete projects and organisations.

As mentors we work together with your organisation bringing focused contextualised know-how to your projects. We do this by working with all the various professional figures, either individually or together as a team.

To understand how this might work for your organisation, feel free to contact us!