Meetup: Create your own training games!

Date(s) - 28/02/2017
18:00 - 21:00

EB Zürich

Agile GOTO Night
with Pierluigi Pugliese

In your practice as a trainer/coach/ScrumMaster/other you are probably already using some games already available in the literature. But what do you do when you cannot find a proper one or when the options you have available simply are not suitable? Well… Just create your own activities! Come along and learn how!

This evening starts at 18:00 and will go on for 2-3 hours including networking, drinks and snacks.
The workshop itself will go on for approx. 1,5 h and the rest of the time depends on how much you would like to continue with the workshop and how much you mingle with each other.

Language: English
Trainer: Pierluigi Pugliese

GOTO Nights are free evening events driven by involvement from both speakers and participants. Come along to learn something new and network with your peers! We will provide you with a first class speaker (or two) – all you have to do is: sign up and show up.

It is free of charge – all you have to do is sign up and show up!

EB Zürich
Riesbachstrasse 11