Certified LeSS Basics

Date(s) - 16/02/2018
09:00 - 17:00

Spazio Cantoni

Certified LeSS Basics – Overview of LeSS

Course Language: Italian

Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) is a framework for scaling agile development to multiple teams. LeSS.works gives an overview. LeSS builds on top of the Scrum principles such as empiricism, cross-functional self-managing teams and provides a framework for applying that at scale. It provides simple structural rules and guidelines on how to adopt Scrum in large product development.

The Certified LeSS Basics course is a brief introduction into the LeSS Framework. It provides a 1-day overview of the framework and some of the essential concepts that it uses. It will help determining whether LeSS is for you, but for LeSS adoptions, we’d recommend to follow it up with a LeSS Practitioner course.

This course can be taught by a LeSS-Friendly Scrum Trainer, which is a Certified Scrum trainer with extensive LeSS knowledge.

The Certified LeSS Basics course is for anyone who is involved in a LeSS effort. Basic Scrum knowledge is expected and can be achieved by attending a Certified Scrum Master or a Professional Scrum Master course, or thoroughly reading Scrum introduction material such as the Scrum Primer and practicing Scrum. The Certified LeSS Basics course is often combined with a Scrum course where this will be the last day of a longer Scrum-focused training.

Want to learn more about how companies have implemented LeSS? Please visit the LeSS Case Studies page.

This course will be delivered in Italian.

Course content

The following topics will be covered in the Certified LeSS Basics course:

  • Why LeSS?
  • LeSS Overview and introduction to LeSS Huge
  • LeSS Rules and Principles
  • Feature Teams

After course completion, all participants will be receiving a Certified LeSS Basics certificate and an account on less.works. The LeSS Basics Certificate will not expire.

The course is based on the most modern techniques for adult education and is a balanced mix of frontal lesson and practical activities directed to the integration of the learned content in the daily operations of the participants. We will use plenty of case studies, where possible coming from the participants.

Course times: 09:00-17:00
Course fee: 700 EUR + IVA
Earlybird offer: 650 EUR + IVA

Group discounts: min. 3 participants 10% / min. 5 participants 20%

Bundle-Offer when booking in combination with Public CSM® course.

Special rates are also offered to participants who attended a Connexxo CSM® course in the past or would like to book the course in combination with a Connexxo CSM® course in a different location! Please note: the attendance of a CSM® course prior to the Certified LeSS Basics course is mandatory.

Trainer: Pierluigi Pugliese, LeSS-Friendly Scrum Trainer, Certified Scrum Trainer

The fee includes:

  • cost for participation
  • all course materials (in English)
  • meals, drinks and snacks during the course


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