Interactive Online Format

What does “interactive online” mean?

In alignment with Scrum Alliance we can offer an “interactive online” aka “live online” version of the courses including the Scrum Alliance certification (more information see

Also in courses delivered in virtual format we continue to focus on a high percentage of interactive teaching and learning and try to design our online courses as similar as possible to our in-class trainings so we can guarantee also in online mode the high quality of the learning experience our company is famous for.

The contents of the course are delivered live in a multi-channel way, with the aid of collaborative online tools for teams (video conferences and virtual whiteboards / flip charts) and including group discussions, didactic videos, active Q&A sessions etc. During the course, the participants repeatedly work in teams on various projects and exercises and experience themselves the several aspects of the Scrum framework live in a simulation scenario, even in the online format.

For the certification, a minimum of 14 hours of active course time is mandatory. The course is split in various modules, non of which exceeds two hours, with short breaks as needed and sufficiently long breaks between the sessions. The actual times for breaks are agreed upon in the group at the beginning of the course.

If needed, the group will be provided with additional videomaterial, especially created for the individual group and / or a two-hour follow-up session to deepen their knowledge.

In addition to the regular course contents as described in the Scrum Alliance Learning Objectives, the interactive on-line course format offers to the participants a live experience of how online tools can be used in the context of agile practices, including respective didactic explanations by the trainer.

The number of participants is limited to 20 to guarantee an optimum learning environment even in an online setting.