CAL 1 – Certified Agile Leader

What does it mean to be a leader in a highly collaborative world, where results depend on the synergy of talented people working toward a common goal? What are the options available to create high quality organisations and to motivate people? What are the characteristics of an agile organisation and how can it be shaped?

In the three-day Certified Agile Leader course we are going to answer these and many more questions around the agile organisation and how to be a leader in this environment.

The courses are aimed at management figures who are in the process of an agile transformation and want to understand how their role is going to change and how critical their way of working is for a sustainable and effective agility.

CAL 1 is a Scrum Alliance certification course for anyone who wants to impact an organization’s journey to resiliency and success. By leading with agile skills like collaboration, team empowerment, adaptability, and continuous improvement, you’ll be prepared to mentor teams to create the best products, solve enterprise-level problems, and produce outcomes that directly affect your organization’s ability to thrive.

Once you complete CAL 1, you’ll earn a certification and badge to showcase your validated competency and commitment to agile leadership.

Please have a look at the course description page on the Scrum Alliance website where you will also find the respective Learning Objectives:


  • What makes an agile leader agile
  • Why agile leadership matters and when it matters most
  • How to lead change management and transformation
  • Agile principles applied to any business context
  • Frameworks and tools for growing as a leader
  • Leadership models to grow as a leader
  • Tools for fostering growth in your team members
  • How to build high-performing, cross-functional teams
  • How to increase the effectiveness and agility of teams and organizations
  • Why and how organizational culture impacts team effectiveness

CST Trainer: Pierluigi Pugliese

The course can be delivered in English, German or Italian.
The training material is in English.

Below you find a list with the currently scheduled public courses with the possibility to register online. If you are interested in having this course as a in-house please tell us about it and we’ll come back to you.

Please note: the CAL 1 course replaces the format CAL E-T-O (Certified Agile Leadership Essentials, Teams, Organisations). Eligible students will have their badges automatically converted to a CAL 1 badge as previous CAL Essentials, Teams, and Organizations badges will become extinct. Badges converted to CAL 1 will hold the same ‘Active until’ expiration date as their previous CAL Ess/T/O badge. Any inactive CAL Ess/T/O badges automatically converted to CAL 1 will expire.

Privacy: This course includes a certification issued by Scrum Alliance, Inc., 7237 Church Ranch Blvd. #Suite 410, Westminster, CO 80021, USA, as third party provider. For registration / certification @Scrum Alliance the names and eMail addresses of the participants will be entered in the Scrum Alliance database upon successful completion of the course. Please be aware that your personal data will be processed by Connexxo and passed on to Scrum Alliance as third party in the described fashion. You will then be contacted by Scrum Alliance by eMail to set up a protected personal user account in order to have access to the online exam and / or the certificate. More information: