Scrum Master Tools: Activities and Games for Team Coaching

Activities and Games for Team Coaching

A Scrum Master is tasked with creating high-performance teams. But, how? Among the many tools at their disposal, group activities, of a more or less playful nature, yield excellent results, usually at low cost and with minimum implementation time.

In this two-day course we will discuss the principles of such activities and the criteria for deciding which activity is best suited to typical situations encountered during team coaching:

  • Team collaboration and team communication
  • Self-Managed teams
  • From Component Teams to Feature Teams
  • Conflict Management in the team

You will soon will find out that having a “catalog of games” is not enough: the strategic choice of what activity to use is one of the most important parameters.

Target Group

The course is especially suited for Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches of organisations who have implemented or are implementing agile solutions in their company.

Course Organisation

In addition to theory, we will put the ideas into practice: we will work with many examples of group activities/games, and learn how to present them to the group, how to run them and all about debriefing.

Course Agenda

  • Why use team activities and games?
  • Different types of activities
  • How to choose the right activity: from problem to solution
  • Framing the activities: promoting participation
  • How to facilitate well the activities
  • Integrating what was learned: debriefing
  • Examples of activities and their fields of application
  • Where to find others, how to choose them

The course can be delivered in English, German or Italian.
The training materials are mainly in English.

If you are interested in having this course as an in-house or to get the upcoming dates for public courses please tell us about it and get in touch.

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