Working with People

Working with people Connexxo TrainingYou probably know the scenario: you put your best effort to describe to your team what are your intentions, your vision and all the relevant details of the topic. Yet, suddenly, somebody objects. There are more and more questions, ideas, alternatives, resistance: the whole team starts going in a different direction than what you hoped. What happened there?

Numbers, data and facts are indeed a very important part of any software development job, yet the capability of communicating this information properly is a key aspect of a good working team.

If you have a leadership position in your organisation, these skills are a vital element of your job!

In this three-day training we will look at many different ways of interacting and connecting with people, of communicating messages and intentions in a way that minimises the possibilities of being misunderstood and at the basic coaching techniques to support the team’s growth.

The material presented applies to both one-to-one and group communication and it can be applied to any team role.

Course Organisation

The training is a mix of frontal lesson, team reflections and practical activities directed to the integration of the learned content in the daily operations of the participants.

Target Group

It is especially suited for ScrumMasters and team leaders of organisations who have implemented or are implementing agile solutions in their company.


  • Communication styles
  • Listening better / Sensory awareness
  • Rapport
  • Strategic communication
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Creative use of language
  • Negotiations, conflicts
  • Framing and reframing
  • Metaphors
  • Basic coaching techniques

The course requires no previous experience in coaching or in a leadership position and it is intended for people who will grow as internal leaders.

It can be delivered also as an in-house training and in English, German or Italian.

How to book

If you are interested in having this course as an in-house tell us about it using the form below and we’ll come back to you with updated information.