Workshop “Host Leadership” with Dr Mark McKergow

Date(s) - 12/05/2017
10:00 - 17:00

Spazio Cantoni

Leading as a host:
Stepping forward and back for engagement, performance and results

Workshop with Dr Mark McKergow, international speaker, consultant and teacher.

Please note: The language of the workshop will be English, but support will be provided in Italian by our Connexxo Italia Team members.

Key content

  • Leadership challenges today – in the agile world and elsewhere
  • How can you lead by stepping back, as well as stepping forward?
  • A new yet ancient leadership metaphor – leading as a host
  • Six roles and four positions for a host leader
  • Putting it all together to address real-life leadership challenges


During the workshop, participants will:

  • Consider the challenges facing leaders in today’s fast-moving organisational settings
  • Meet the metaphor of leading as a host – a new yet ancient way of thinking
  • Discover the rich ‘hostory’ – the background to hosting and the host/guest relationship
  • Connect with the six ‘roles of engagement’
  • Stand in the four positions of a host leader


Perhaps you are one of the many leaders around the world who would like to:

  • Engage your team and organisation – so they do more and you don’t get burnt out
  • Draw people together effectively – both from inside and outside your organisation
  • See your role as making the most of all the talent – not just telling it what to do next
  • Navigate the continually changing business environment to take account of new opportunities and learnings, not just make a plan and hope for the best.

The metaphor of leading as a host, as opposed to a hero or a servant, is currently creating new waves on the leadership and agile scene.  Much current leadership thinking seems to put the focus on the leader. This is a mistake. Leading is about a relationship – between the leader and the others.

Host Leadership is about building relationships – at work, in the community, in society, at home – to engage others. This engagement is the key ingredient that leads to increased performance and results.  The art of hosting is as ancient as humanity itself – and it can also provide a rich and inspiring framework for many practical leadership skills. It also provides an excellent agile-friendly leadership paradigm for agile coaches and leaders who want to lead better, and leaders who seek better engagement and responsiveness.

More about the Dr Mark McKergow:

Host LeadershipDr Mark McKergow is an international speaker, consultant and teacher.  A ‘recovering physicist’, his work over more than two decades has focused on responsive and emergent approaches to complex situations.  Mark has developed and hosted many aspects of the international Solutions Focus (SF) community since 2000, and is co-author of three related books including best seller ‘The Solutions Focus’ (Nicholas Brealey Publications, 2007, now in 11 languages).  He has been closely involved with founding both the SOLWorld network and the SFCT professional body for SF consultants and trainers.  He edits the SFCT peer-reviewed journal InterAction and is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council.  Find out more about Mark at and


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