Session with Pierluigi @OOP 2023 Digital

Date(s) - 06/02/2023
10:00 - 17:00


ScaleAgility: Principles Over Frameworks for Sound Agile Organisations

Full-Day Tutorial as part of the OOP 2023 Digital Conference
with Pierluigi Pugliese, Simon Roberts, Colin Bird, Matt Roadnight, Jan Olsen

Do you like some of what you find in the common scaling frameworks but don’t buy-in to everything? Then, go to the essence!

This session will present and share a set of principles for scaling, which you can use to roll-your-own approach or properly contextualise the usage of an existing framework such as LeSS, Scrum@Scale or Nexus. Unlike other scaling approaches, these guidelines are non-prescriptive and recognise the value of elements in many scaling frameworks.

Target Audience: Managers, Decision Makers, Agile Coaches
Prerequisites: Basic understanding of agile. Having been exposed to agile at scale projects is a plus
Level: Advanced

ScaleAgility is a set of principles to create sound scaled organisations. Devised by a group of five trainers and coaches with a total of more than 70 years of experience in large-scale agile implementations, these principles aim to expose the tensions inherent in any organisational development initiative and provide guidance to discuss and develop strategies and tactics for transforming a company.

In this workshop we will discuss:

  1. A set of general principles to consider when creating large-scale agile organisations
  2. How properly defining products and the way the product definition evolves are fundamental for large-scale agility
  3. A path for Teams to evolve from localised responsibility to feature Teams
  4. How the Leadership should accompany the change
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The Conference for Software Architecture
06 Feb – 09 Feb 2023

This year’s motto for OOP is “Finding the Right Balance”. The right balance is also important for the content of the conference. For this reason, the 14 track chairs this year took another close look at the design of this year’s tracks. These include SUSTAIN_ability – responsible steps into the future, Product Development in Balance, and Social Integration. Of a more technical nature, OOP 2023 Digital offers the following topics, among others: Software Architecture: New Approaches & Fundamentals, C++ & Programming Embedded Systems, and The State of Modern Web Development, or DevOps: The Balance between Dev and Ops.

The new Leadership track explores how self-leadership and personal responsibility form the basis for leaders to stay healthy themselves and, on the other hand, to have the strength to support both employees, teams and the company.

OOP 2023 Digital offers a platform for technical experts, (project) managers and executives to get an excellent overview of the state of the art in modern software engineering.

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