Digital Tools for Sprint Backlog

A while ago, I ran into a couple of posts written by Bas Vodde on the LeSS blog in January 2020: Digital tools considered harmful – Sprint Backlog ( Digital tools considered harmful – Jira ( These posts were written just as COVID was beginning to explode worldwide, so while what is written in there … Read more

Laws, Sausages and Sprints

Update: I got some comments regarding this post that made me realise I was a victim of bias when writing it. It might seem I am arguing for an isolation of the developers. Absolutely not: anybody who heard me on the topic knows I am an advocate of direct communication between developers and stakeholders. This … Read more

For agile at scale, use actionable principles instead

It seems the battleground where agile consulting companies are trying to win something has moved to the “scaling” domain: what methods/frameworks/tools/… could we use to bring agility to larger organisations. The topic is fascinating and important, but the answers we’re getting from the market are, in most cases, pretty disappointing, as many “solutions” seem designed … Read more

Retrospectives: “Tunes and adjusts its behaviour accordingly”…

This is the third article in a mini-retrospectives series. In the previous ones I wrote about how retrospectives should be done at regular intervals, but also in other occasions and how the retrospective could be done in different groups than just the team. In this post I will continue to challenge the 12th principle of … Read more

Retrospectives: “At regular intervals”… or not?

This is the first in a series of posts about how to moderate retrospectives creatively. Traditionally the retrospective in agile software development is the reflection done at the end of the iteration. Principle twelve of the Agile Manifesto says “At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts … Read more

The Caring and Respectful Product Owner

While reflecting on my recent activities, I started to recognise an interesting pattern regarding the role of the Product Owner. I’ve seen many of them coming from different parts of the organisations: form product management, from various levels of management, from system architecture or senior programmers. Because of the different skill sets they have, the … Read more