Advanced Scrum Master

Advanced Scrum Product Owner Connexxo TrainingAs a Scrum Master you are dedicated to make your team successful, you are a dedicated servant leader seeking to get the best out of the people you care for: how do you do that exactly?

Sure, you know the mechanics of Scrum and you know how the process helps the people working in the right direction, yet in working with people seems often to be like walking on thin ice: sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s dangerous, sometimes what you do does not work in the way you expect. What are the intentions behind the Scrum mechanics? Where is the line between letting the team self-organise and telling them what to do? How do you groom high performance teams? How do you deal with the daily problems in a team?

In this three-day advanced training we will look at the various parts of the Scrum Master role within the context of the Scrum process, discussing how to be brilliant in the role:

  • Why is Scrum working: going behind the mechanics of the process
  • ScrumButs and ScrumAnds: when modifications to the Scrum process help and when not
  • The joys and the pains of being a Servant Leader
  • The art of letting self-organisation happen

Course Organisation

The training is a mix of frontal lesson and practical activities directed to the integration of the learned content in the daily operations of the participants. We will use plenty of case studies, where possible coming from the participants.

Target Group

The course is intended for Scrum Masters who have already have the basic Scrum knowledge and some experience with an actual team and want to understand at a deeper level how Scrum works.


  • Scrum and the Scrum Master role
  • Role differentiation: Product Owner vs. Scrum Master vs. Team
  • Basics of product development flow
  • Behind Scrum: why Scrum works and what makes it work
  • Dealing with ScrumButs: when changing the process helps and when not
  • Systemic analysis of teams and organisations
  • Using system principles to debug team situations
  • Servant Leadership and Host Leadership
  • Leading contextually
  • Your attitude when leading
  • The Scrum Master as organisational leader: interacting with teams and stakeholders
  • Teams as Complex-Adaptive Systems and how to let them self-organise

The course requires a basic understanding of the Scrum process and the participants should have already worked as Scrum Masters for at least one year in order to get the maximum benefit from this course.

The course can be delivered also as an in-house training and in English, German or Italian language.

The training material is in English.

How to Book

The course is available only in-house for now.

If you are interested in having this course as a in-house or to get the upcoming dates for public courses please tell us about it using the form below and we’ll come back to you with updated information.

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