Agile Fundamentals

Agile Fundamentals Connexxo Training

If what you need is a basic course on agile and Scrum in order to get your team started, look no further! Agile Fundamentals is our two-days basic course we deliver to teams who are willing to start working with agile methods.

This two-day course gives the basics of agility: what are the origins of agility, why we believe it is needed in a modern organisation, a solid understanding of Scrum and optionally of Kanban, the understanding of the various team roles and a basic introduction to the engineering practices.

The course is designed flexibly so we can adapt it to your needs: from beginners to teams who are already using agility in practice but want to finally understand why it works – we have delivered it in many possible configurations. We even have two one-day versions as agile introduction for management and for non-IT people. We will work for you to deliver the flavour you need: just share your needs with us!

This course is available only in-house.

If you are interested in having this course as an in-house please tell us about it using the form below and we’ll come back to you with updated information.

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Course Organisation

The training is based on the most modern techniques for adult education and is a balanced mix of frontal lesson and practical activities directed to the integration of the learned content in the daily operations of the participants.

We will use plenty of case studies, where possible coming from the participants.

Target Group

The course is intended as the starting course on agility to be customised to the needs of the actual class. As such it is a perfect choice for all professional figures who want to work with agility: developers, testers, architects, managers, …

You can choose from three variants of this course:

  • Agile Fundamentals: two-days for IT operative roles
  • Agile for Managers: one-day essential introduction to agility for IT managers
  • Agile 101: one-day basic introduction to agility for non-IT roles


  • What is agility and why do we need it?
  • The Agile Manifesto
  • Introduction to Scrum: activities, roles, artefacts
  • Introduction to relevant lean principles
  • The “potentially shippable product” and why it helps
  • The Product Backlog and its lifecycle
  • User Stories
  • Agile Estimating and Planning
  • Introduction to Kanban

The course can be delivered in English, German or Italian language.

The training material is in English.

How to book

If you are interested in having this course in-house or to get the upcoming dates for public courses please tell us about it using the form below and we’ll come back to you with updated information.

Participants say...

Very interesting sssion, lot of interactions & discussions among participants.

Good activities and interactions and a lot of examples. Should be attended by the whole organisation, from management/business to developers.

Practical group exercises to “get to the point”!

This course is not limited to Scrum only, but also gives good insights on team management and human psychology.

The course is really good. I could learn a  lot. The presentation and the visual materials of the course are impressive. The interactive exercises help a lot to understand!