Our Philosophy

Technical and specialistic expertise

We believe agility is a science! All of Connexxo’s work is based on consolidated knowledge and professional competence coming from various fields: IT practice, organisational development techniques and business coaching. Our experience spans over 30 years of activity developing software and the way software organisations work.


Connexxo is about delivering quality and professional services in all situations. We are driven by the question of “how to support our clients at best?”

In order to be able to work at the highest quality standards, we are continuously improving our skills by learning ideas and techniques from as many disciplines as possible, integrating the best of what is available on the market in our consulting model.


The attitude we assume in approaching our work is one of the most important elements of our success in consulting. We firmly believe in the agile manifesto and we live it consistently in our daily work:

Agile Manifesto - value 1“Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”

We are committed to improve the client’s organisation by implementing a learning organisation based on effective individuals. Building their competencies is a fundamental part of our work.

Agile Manifesto - value 2“Working software over comprehensive documentation”

We “produce” organisational changes, instead of writing about theoretical change models. Our approach to what we do is pragmatic, direct and transparent.


Agile Manifesto - value 3“Customer collaboration over contract negotiations”

We believe that consulting work is about partnering with the client and this way  achieving together the best possible results!


Agile Manifesto - value 4“Reacting to change over following a plan”

We understand that every organisation is a galaxy of complexity and that implementing organisational agility is only possible if we have a common vision and we can flexibly strive to implement it.