Creative Retrospectives

What is the most important element of Agility? The capability of inspecting and adapting your process, and the retrospective is where most of it happens. For a team to shine it takes the right retrospective process. Very often it is important for the facilitator to choose creatively a format that fosters the team’s reflection capabilities. … Read more

Agile Fundamentals

If what you need is a basic course on Agile and Scrum in order to get your team started, look no further! Agile Fundamentals is our two-days basic course we deliver to teams who are willing to start working with agile methods. This two-day course gives the basics of agility: what are the origins of … Read more

Leading Agile Organisations

What does it mean leading an agile organisation? What does it mean being an agile leader? How to ensure the management of a company optimally supports the agile teams? This training will provide you with the answers! Leading Agile Organisations is a three days in-depth course that explores the most up-to-date leadership concepts applied in … Read more

Visual Facilitation for Agilists

One of the elements of good teamworking and a key element of an agile organisation is the presence of information “all around” the rooms: from burndown charts to design diagrams, from story mapping to collaborative brainstorming. If you have already worked as a facilitator in such an environment, you have probably already realised how important … Read more

Working with People

You probably know the scenario: you put your best effort to describe to your team what are your intentions, your vision and all the relevant details of the topic. Yet, suddenly, somebody objects. There are more and more questions, ideas, alternatives, resistance: the whole team starts going in a different direction than what you hoped. What … Read more

Advanced Scrum Master

As a Scrum Master you are dedicated to make your team successful, you are a dedicated servant leader seeking to get the best out of the people you care for: how do you do that exactly? Sure, you know the mechanics of Scrum and you know how the process helps the people working in the right … Read more

Certified Scrum Product Owner

The Product Owner operates in a complex environment trying to get the most of what is possible from that particular configuration of Team, internal and external Stakeholders. This key role in Scrum is responsible for maximising the Return of Investment of the product by considering all the possible elements necessary to transform trade-offs in win-win situation. … Read more

Certified Scrum Master

As a Scrum Master you are passionate in supporting your team, a true servant leader aiming to help the people you work with achieving their best and, at the same time, you act as an organisation-wide change agent. Scrum seems easy at first sight, but using it effectively is a much more difficult challenge: to … Read more